Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version

Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version: This is an endless runner game developed by FDG Entertainment and its a unique game and children will love this game character the gorilla which is design to be cute and it has simple and easy game controls which you can master in no time. There are some pros and cons like in every game but this endless runner game mainly focused on a single goal which makes it a little boring otherwise the game is an awesome and worthy time killer.

This game is based on a unique idea which makes it a different endless runner game from the list of available endless runner games on play store and app store, the game idea is to keep the character and visuals on a scale of cuteness to gain children traffic. As there is a lot of competition in this particular field and some most popular and installed AAA plus game titles belong to this particular endless runner category such as Jetpack Joyride and Subway surfer and who can forget Temple run. Download Banana Kong Mod APK and get ready to enjoy this game with Unlimited banana Mod from this site free for everyone.

Like all other endless runner games, there is the main game character gorilla name as the Monkey or Ape who knows, Gorilla will start running and you can simply swipe up down or left right and you can jump to continue the run and you have to pass some obstacles also while keeping in mind about the stamina gorilla have. Download Banana Kong Mod APK and enjoy unlimited everything for everyone.

Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version

Banana Kong Mod APK Game-play Features:

You will get some in-game points and currency while running to energize the gorilla, This game is much easy to master as compared to other endless runner games. while running you have to go through some cave-like visual level stage and some other special challenges also but most of the game run will be in jungle stage where many jungle animals will help you to continue your run.

This unique endless runner game has some great looking cartoonish graphics as compared to any game available for free with its cute characters such as the gorilla and other jungle animals who help him during the run to continue the endless running, Game has great graphics with awesome detailed visuals with loving soundtracks and most loved and praised theme song of Download Banana Kong Mod APK, Overall game is best of best in its particular field and absolutely worth your time.

This game is not perfect as others and failed to compete with other popular endless runner games but its unique characteristics make it standalone must play AAA title, the Game idea is to have some fun while playing the game unlike most other games in this particular endless category which have a boring game-play, You’ll enjoy every single moment of this game and this game is most loved and praised by kids.

Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version

Why Kong?

There is a lot of games available to install in this particular category as well as new games are uploaded daily but this game is based on a unique idea and its unique features make this a stand-alone title from other games. You’ll never feel bored while playing this game as it includes some small but awesome missions such as jumping on obstacles or collecting points underwater, when a user plays the game for the first time it will receive training from game developers that teach easy controls of this game. Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest exclusively free from the link given below.

In case you like this game then you can play and collect some points which will allow you to purchase in-game upgrades or If you are looking for fast upgrades then you can always perform in-app purchases which can earn you a lot of upgrades and in-game currency for some bucks such as you can purchase the Golden trophy which will double your game score and currency. Download Banana Kong Mod APK Latest to bypass in-app purchases and enjoy every premium feature for absolutely free.

Download Banana Kong Mod APK:

Endless runner games are getting more popular than other mobo games on Google Play Store and App store as well but this game pack some unique features which makes it a must-play android/ios title such as four unique stages or running tracks which includes running through caves and jungles or Islands and underwater as well. There are a lot of in-app purchase options that allow users to upgrade there character skills and powers or purchase some power-ups. Overall this game is an awesome endless runner title which definitely worth giving a try.

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