Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version

Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version: If you are looking to play the epic cool game with a great unique idea then here it, in this game you can play as a beggar and beg for money on streets and collect coins and cash from unknown peoples walking on the street. Playing as a beggar is not the main idea behind this game as you can beg for money as longs as you want to become a rich person or you can collect some money and invest it in a business or hire some workers to earn more money as fast as possible.

The main character of the storyline will beg for money and you can collect that money by touching or tapping on the screen of your smartphone, you can earn as much as you want by begging to peoples for money and you can spend that game currency on huge businesses, buildings, pets, cars and lots of other cool stuff. This game has some power-ups and you can use them to increase your earning or upgrade your skills, these power-ups include Rush Hour, Coin Cannon, Mighty toss.

You can hire other workers to work for you so you can earn more and more as quick as possible. Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version and enjoy Unlimited Money Mod to buy anything expensive in the game for free. There are two main in-game currencies Coins and Virtual cards, you can earn coins by begging to randomly pass peoples on street or by running any store or business but Virtual cards can only be earned by leveling up or it may be dropped by any randomly passing person on a random street.

Coins are used to perform in-game purchases such as upgrading worker’s skills or buying a pet and on the other hand Virtual cards can buy you a lot of coins and scratch cards. You have to earn a selective amount of coins to level up which will unlock many in-game items and upgrades for your character. Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version and enjoy the pre-loaded Unlimited Money for free.

Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version

Virtual Beggar Mod APK Game-play features:

This game idea is not limited to a beggar only as you can buy businesses in the shop which can earn you a massive amount of profit if you take care of your business and upgrade them regularly, More and more businesses will pop up in the shop as you level up every single time. This game has some great graphics combined with crazy visuals and doesn’t forget about the awesome soundtracks. Overall this is an AAAplus game which makes it a must-play title for any smartphone user.

The game controls are so simple to learn and too much easy to master, I really enjoy playing this game and honestly speaking I really liked the way this game works as we start as poor man who eventually becomes a rich person with lots of business in the city. Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version and enjoy the full potential of this game by using Unlimited Money exclusively free for our website users. This game has some awesome fun power-up to take advantage of.

Rush hour will increase the number of coins dropped by randomly passing peoples, Coin Cannon is the mood in which you can through a big amount of currency on beggars, Mighty toss will enable the dropping of a large amount of cash and all of these power-ups will appear in the form of balloons on the screen and you have to tap them to use. Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version and enjoy awesome power-ups in the unique game for free.

Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK Latest Version

Why Beggar?

This application is got a lot better after the release of its recent update which includes fixing some minor bugs and some awesome new modes and features such as brand new main and side tasks as users are getting bored after completing the same tasks over and over again, Update include online multiplayer system in which you can play with your friends and show off your progress in your high school as well, This title is got a lot more exciting with lots of new unlockables such as new rewarding and donation system. Overall this application is getting bigger and better with every update Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK and explore new unlockables.

This application has some minimum requirements such as it can be run on old smartphones including Galaxy S1 or iPhone 3gs and it take a little chunk of your smartphone onboard storage which is about 50 MB, application is well optimized to run on any firmware no matter its IOS or Android but one thing that I recommend is don’t download apps from unauthorized websites as sometimes they contain malware or ransomware which is too much harmful for any smartphone. Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK and don’t worry about security problems as this app is protected and tested before upload.

Download Virtual Beggar Mod APK:

Your ultimate goal in this game is to change the beggar into a rich businessman by tapping on the touch screen as hard as you can or increasing your business by hiring other peoples as workers to work for you in more than 15 different professions and you can spread your business by purchasing shops and building or starting new businesses in different part of city. This game is all about hardworking as you work hard and smart you can gain whatever you want, so start playing the title right now and start building your own business.

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