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Extra Lives Mod APK: We all have downloaded many fighting action games on our android smartphones but we never played them on a regular basis, One thing I really loved about these new & upcoming shooter titles is the simulation they offer like in this particular Zombie survival game you can explore the map as you want you can even customize the difficulty level by adjusting the number of zombies you’ll face in next match. This game is mostly based on all for free but you can still upgrade to pro plan for more unlocked features.

This title is awesome when it comes to customization and exploration but graphics are not so good in this application, I don’t know what was in developers head at the time of making 2D assets for this application, yeah you heard right this is totally based on 2D assets and even that assets are not designed well, first thought that appear in my mind after seeing the first footage of this game ” is it made back in 2000’s” cause in 2019 we have seen titles running on smart devices with the same performance levels as they have on desktop computers or even on consoles. You can download Extra Lives Mod APK for the premium enhancements plus All Unlocked Pro for free.

Now come to the good part, you may be thinking that with not so good looking graphics how this title manages to take off in the mobo market as it already crossing millions of download on different service providing platforms including most famous Play Store and Amazon store then let me explain the reason behined such success, In today world users are more offended to exploration & more options in a single application or platform and this title fulfilling every single need of users with crazy shooting and zombie killing game-play players can enjoy up to multiple locations and vehicles plus side items which we will discuss in features section, Now if you want to explore zombie apocalypse in pro version for free then Extra Lives Mod APK.

Extra Lives Mod APK Pro Unlocked

Extra Lives Mod APK Pro Unlocked Features:

You can start your action shooter hero journey in your own way by selecting a character from different options then customize how you want that character to look during game-play such as select hairs and color them, skin color is also customizable, dress your character as you prefer there is no limitation or restriction developers allow users to follow their imaginations. As I told you before Extra Lives Mod APK doesn’t have great graphics or fluid 3D animations which will attract power users but this application is all about simulation & I can bet this is the best Zombie shooter Simulation game available for free.

Coming to the next big thing users will notice as they start the very first mission “Controls”, developers have worked well in engaging touch screen controls with multitouch support, you can learn how to play or shoot and navigate but let me give you a little overview, controls are well arranged for users or even power players as you can see in attached pics there is a layout of buttons on screen while playing the mission which you can press or tap during game-play to perform all kinds of different actions and all buttons are present in different colors so users feel easy and can tap quickly & accurately in intense moments. You can customize even more in pro mode, to get paid version for free download Extra Lives Mod APK.

Extra Lives Mod APK Pro Unlocked

Why Shooter?

This updated version is not approved from Google or original app developers and we are sharing it with our users just for fun it doesn’t mean that we are going against any community guidelines and we hope the app publishing companies will agree with us or they can simply contact us to remove their application from our website. Our team has updated various Android application to provide users some premium features for free as we have done in Extra Lives Mod APK cause we understand that not every user can pay for a paid version but at the same time he deserves to enjoy all crazy features, so site team try to help those users to get full features free.

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This title is packed with some awesome features such as shooting and killing zombies which I found satisfying for myself I can’t say the same about you but overall performances are great and they did miss some important key features in visuals department such as they should go with blended for 3D assets but instead of following trend of 2k18 they went for old 2D designs. Controls are really great with a simple layout and in my opinion, if you are looking for a shooter game with the ability to explore something new then you must go for Extra Lives Mod APK. If you encountered any problem in updating or in installation comment down for free support.

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