PlayStation App Latest Features and Tricks

PlayStation App Download For Free: It’s a Sony PlayStation Official application that works on Android and iOS both. The company has provided its users with some benefits using this application. The basic purpose was to facilitate PlayStation gamers and their communities. The PlayStation company decided to release this application with the release of PlayStation 4. Although this application also works with an old version called “PlayStation 3”. PlayStation has a lot of features to discuss. We will shed light on them one by one.

First of all, If your PS4 is turned off and you are away from your home. Then surely this amazing application will help you a lot. Now using this PlayStation application you can easily interact with your buddies. The basic idea is to connect the whole gaming communities 24/7. Instead of turning on the PS4, You can chat with your online friends easily on your phone. Just log-in in your PS Account that you are currently using on your PS4 console, and then you will easily get the complete access to notifications and other stuff present on your PS4 console.

PlayStation App Download

PlayStation APP lets you alert when your friends are playing games on their console. You can also receive various kinds of gaming notifications with details too. You will also have complete access to your personal PlayStation profile, where you can easily edit or modify your profile as you want. This PlayStation app also aware of you with your current progress and trophies that you have earned by completing various tasks in games. The basic purpose of these trophies, status and progress are that it keeps you motivated.

Access PlayStation Store with PlayStation App:

Now you can easily access the official PlayStation Store using this immersive PlayStation App. Now, You can buy premium games or install the trial version easily, and when you will buy something or install something, The game will be automatically installed on your PS4 or PS3 device. It will not count that your console is turned on or not, Because whenever you will turn on your console you will get your game installed or present in your PS Store.

I think it’s a huge benefit for those who are away from home and their children won’t know how to install or buy the game. They can also misuse your credit card on PS Store buying random or unwanted games. It will cost you a lot for sure, therefore, You will have the authority when you will install this amazing PlayStation application on your phone.

PlayStation App Features

Control your PlayStation using PlayStation App:

PlayStation App gives you a major benefit in terms of controlling your PS4 or PS3. Just connect your console with your android PlayStation app by following the provided procedures and instructions. Then you will get complete control over your PlayStation as a simple PS4 controller do. You can swipe up, down, right or left. You can also press the “enter” button provided on the application to perform specific actions. I think it’s a great feature that I mainly use regularly.

PS Official APP Tricks and Tips:

The first amazing trick of the PlayStation App is that you can hide when playing. It means you can appear offline in front of your friends and your boss when you want. Just go to your PS Profile and change “Online” status into “Offline” Status. You can control the Volume on your Dualshock controller using this PS App. Moreover, there are various benefits that are arriving with time as the further updated of the PS App are arriving.

Install PS4 Jailbreak using the PlayStation App:

The amazing hidden feature of the PlayStation App is that you can install the PS4 Jailbreak or PS4 Exploit easily. By using this Jailbreak you can enjoy tons of premium PS4 games for free. You can install these games externally by connecting some sort of USB. But you have to connect your PlayStation App with your console for sure.

If you want to know about how you can Jailbreak your PlayStation 4 Console then you should visit PS4 Jailbreak article. Where you will get the complete details, installation instructions, and procedures. I think you should visit that article for sure. It might help you in some ways. But Overall the PlayStation App benefits you a lot.

Download PS APP for Free:

You can easily Download and Install the PlayStation App from Google PlayStore, iOS Store or from the Official site of PlayStation. You don’t need to pay anything for this amazing PlayStation application, Because it’s completely Free for it’s Sony PlayStation users.

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